New Bicycle Safety Device Could Reduce Accidents for Cyclists at Night

A new invention for bicyclists could be a breakthrough for cyclists everywhere. Portland resident Jack O’Neal calls his new safety gadget YouTurn.

"It basically turns their hand into a turn signal," he said.

In May, O’Neal thought of this brilliant idea and acted on it.

"That day, I was coming home, and there was a bicyclist in front of me. And I saw them moving their hand for the left turn signal, and a light bulb went off," O'Neal said.

O’Neal’s device is just a prototype for now, but he plans to get a finished product to market.

He created a set up page on to seek $50,000 in startup capital. Once the funding goal is attained he will have the funds to create the first round of YouTurns.

Cyclists already believe that this could help them on the roadways.

"Yeah I think it could help," said cyclist Jim Carlton. "I mean, anything that increases visibility is going to help cyclists."

The product is most useful during nighttime hours, when it is difficult to see cyclists.

"The more illumination you get, the better," said Dan Mueller. "It's going to be for people to see you. You can see them, but they don't always see you."

The price of YouTurn will be around $50 or less.

"There are just so many bicyclists in Portland," O'Neal said. "I'm always riding behind somebody on the road who's on a bike riding in front of me and I'm always afraid they're going to turn out in front of me without notice, especially at night.

The amount of bicycle accidents in Seattle has been quite startling as well. This could potentially be a product that many people would utilize.

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Bicycle accident statistics

In the United States, every year there are about 900 bicycle accident deaths. Of the reported deaths in 1999, 29% were under the age of 16. Emergency rooms saw 51,600 bicycle-related injuries in 2008. Intersections are particularly dangerous, accounting for 35% of bicycle accidents. These accidents not only affect people’s lives, but take a toll on the economy in general. Injuries and deaths from bicycle accidents alone cost over $4 billion a year.

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