New Article: Holiday Parties and DUI Prevention

A new article has been uploaded into our law library regarding drunk driving.

Drinking, driving and the holiday season
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted research and found that there has been a dramatic increase in alcohol-related car accidents and fatalities over the holiday season. With these statistics to share, still 44 percent of people say the amount of adults drinking alcoholic drinks is greater at holiday parties than any other time throughout the year. The research also revealed that less than half of Americans are worried about their guests being involved in an accident after consuming drinks at their home.

The results did show some positive effects however. According to the survey, about eighty percent of party hosts will serve food to help slow the absorption of alcohol; about half (55 percent) of hosts switch to non-alcoholic drinks during the party. About 60 percent of hosts will provide a designated driver for party guests.

Click here to read more statistics and the full article entitled Drinking and Driving: Holiday Party Hazard
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