National Heads Up Driving Week Reminds Drivers to not be Distracted

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This week is national Heads Up Driving Week hosted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AAA. Multi-tasking is a regular activity for most people but it is critical that we remind ourselves to only focus on driving when behind the wheel.

This week is to remind everyone on our roadways to drive safe always.


Distracted Driving Statistics

Every day in the United States, distracted driving accounts for about 8,000 accidents.

Distracted driving isn’t just being on your cell phones – eating, adjusting music, smoking, and even smooching while driving is considered negligent distracting behavior.

More than half of the time, drivers are distracted from behind the wheel.

Your risk of crashing your vehicle quadruples when you are using a cell phone.

One of the most common reports of distraction is the passengers in the vehicle. Young children are four times more distracting than adults and infants being eight times more distracting.

94% of people believe that texting or emailing while driving is unacceptable and 87% support laws against this behavior

More than 1/3 of drivers, however, say that they have texted or emailed in the past month.

A recent study confirmed that our brains cannot multi task as we want them to. If you are distracted while driving, your chance of a car accident increases greatly.

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