Multi-Vehicle Accident in Renton Sends Four to Hospital

A four-car collision on Rainier Avenue South in Renton sent four people to the hospital Wednesday afternoon. According to reports, one car attempted to avoid a collision with another vehicle, crossed into the opposite lane and sideswiped an oncoming vehicle. That collision resulted in two more cars being struck, resulting in seven people involved in the accident.

According to officials, four people were sent to the hospital, one of whom had to be extricated from their vehicle. The accident is still under investigation by the Washington State Patrol.

Vehicle Accident Statistics

  • On average, there are more than six million car accidents in the United States annually.
  • More than three million people are injured as a result of car accidents, and more than two million of those injuries are permanent.
  • Although there are over 40,000 traffic fatalities each year, studies show that this number is on a declining trend.

Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Seattle, WA

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