Mudslides close Railroads and Highways

Washington State has seen rain every day for the past two weeks and its not likely to let up any time soon. Weather-related problems are affecting the entire state with multiple mud and landslides. Some of the main highlights that occurred last week:

  •  Amtrak rail services were closed due to severe mud on the tracks and passengers were provided alternative transportation.
  • Northline Sounder rail service was cancelled due to mudslides but the Southline Sounder was open.
  • Highway 112 near the Makah Reservation in Clallam County was blocked and only one lane was open to traffic.
  • Highway 101 near Hoodsport was closed due to mudslides and only had one lane open with alternating traffic.
  • A mudslide covered Highway 165 in Buckley that forced officials to close the northbound lanes.
  • A slide in Sumner covered West Vallley Highway and both lanes had to be shut down.
  • More than 20 roads were closed over the weekend due to mudslides or flooding.
With such severe weather happening right now, it is advisable to plan ahead for transportation or road closures and to stay alert for any signs of flooding and pending mudslides and avoid these areas. If you live in a landslide-prone area, things to look for are fences, retaining walls, utility poles, or trees that tilt or move; also look for new cracks in the ground, street, or driveway because these could be warning signs that the foundation is not solid.
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