Motorcyclist Flew Through a Van's Back Window after Crash

After a motorcyclist hit a minivan, he landed in the backseat and the driver did not realize until he turned into his driveway.
The van had slowed down to make a left turn, when the driver of the motorcycle rear-ended him.

After people called to report the crash, there were concerns of the driver’s whereabouts.
“We don’t know where the rider is,” witnesses of the accident said.

There were concerns that he slid underneath the van.

Instead, the bike flew through the van’s back window and landed in the backseat. The driver of the minivan lived nearby and called to his wife saying that he had been rear-ended and needed to return to the accident scene.

The driver saw the motorcyclist in his vehicle after he backed out of the driveway from his home.

Thankfully, the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, which took most of the impact. He did not receive any medical treatment, other than ice for his hand.

No one was cited in the bizarre motorcycle accident.

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