Motor Vehicle Crash on Renton S-Curves

Car Crash Stats: Underage drinkers accounted for 14% of drunk driving deaths in 2007.  In 2007, about 67% of alcohol-related driving fatalities were drivers with BACs of .08 or more. Approximately 17% were passengers riding with the drunk drivers.

Renton, Washington’s infamous S-curves on Interstate 405 are known throughout the metro Seattle area as one of the most accident prone sections of roadway in the entire state of Washington.  Not only does the curving highway cause long commutes but the high number of motor vehicle accidents contributes heavily to long drive times for I-405 commuters. 

Rear-end accidents are common.  Many business commuters are distracted by their cell phones, reading email messages on their phone, and attempting to send text messages while driving.  Distracted driving is an accident waiting to happen.

On-ramps, off-ramps interchanges, and traffic moving in and out of high occupancy vehicle lanes at high speeds are another common source of accidents. 

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