Medical Malpractice in Western Washington Hospitals

Medical Malpratice, Surgical Errors and Medication Mistakes Happen in Seattle

medical malpractice washington stateThe best hospitals in the Pacific Northwest are right here in Western Washington and in the metro Seattle area. But incidents of medical malpractice still happen in Washington State. If you search the nursing social media websites and nursing association message boards you will see hundreds of comments from dedicated nurses that say that far too many of our area hospitals are more concerned with hospital profits than they are with quality patient care. Hospitals are trying to get the most work out of their nursing staff in whatever way possible.

New nursing graduates can't meet the huge demands placed on them and are burning out within just a few short years. Nurses are complaining that management doesn't care and that rather than changing working conditions for nurses, which will in turn increase the quality of patient care, management is happy to let nurses burn out, quit, and then replace them with younger, less experienced staff. Without the training, guidance and mentorship of senior staff younger nurses are left to figure things out for themselves which often results in neglected patients, medical mistakes or medication errors.

Recently local nursing blogs and message boards have been discussing the fact that hospital management does not focus any attention on improving working conditions for nurses or patient experience until they start to lose business to other area hospitals. One nurse recently posted "Doctors are done when the incision is closed. They stop by each day trying to figure out when the patient can vacate the bed. Hospitals are a business and all are the same no matter where you go"!

Seattle Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is a serious problem in Western Washington. It is a problem that rarely gets media attention or recognition until there is a serious error that costs a life. Medical mistakes at Swedish Hospital, surgical errors at Virginia Mason, and medication errors at Seattle Children's Hospital happen every day. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a medical mistake in Washington State contact experienced medical malpractice attorney Chris Davis at Davis Law Group to schedule a free legal consultation. Call 206-727-4000. The call is free. The information may be priceless.

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