Man Sues After Police Dog Attacks Causes Sexual Dysfunctions

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Cody Melancon filed a lawsuit against the police department after his civil rights were violated, he says. A dog of a police officer bit his groin area and virtually severed his penis.

Melancon alleges that the officer let his dog lose without being provoked and the lawsuit states that the man is sexually dysfunctional after the dog bite.

“I don’t have any sensation down there,” Melancon said. “I can’t get an erection. I’m 25 years of age.”

On May 30, the police went to the man’s home to arrest him on charges of kicking in someone’s front door and hitting an occupant. Melancon denies the allegation.

After the police entered his home, he claims that he kneeled on the floor and then the officer let his dog after him.

“He started saying, ‘Stop fighting with my dog,’ and he released the dog on me,” Melancon said.

The dog bit lawsuit seeks $31 million for medical and other expenses.

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