Man killed in fiery crash near Tacoma

Story Highlights:
One person killed in Tacoma truck accident
Death caused by fire following motor vehicle collision

Date: December 2, 2010, 12/2/2010
Location: Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington
Type: Motor Vehicle Crash, Truck accident
Outcome: One dead

A man died early Thursday after he accidently backed his truck into a parked semi and erupted into flames near East 19th and East D street in Tacoma. A bystander called 911 after hearing two loud explosions. Firefighters responded to the scene and after extinguishing the fire and finding what seemed to be human remains, immediately called the police.

Pierce County officials at first thought that the fire was suspicious because of how intense and quickly it burned, but after investigating what remained of the cab and trailer they ruled the incident as accidental. An autopsy will be performed today and will hopefully give further insight as to the cause of the explosion.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fatality Statistics
The NHTSA reports that in 2006, there were 30,521 fatalities of occupants of passenger cars, accounting for 83 percent of all vehicle accident fatalities. Of these passenger car occupant fatalities: 55 percent of those killed were unrestrained 28 percent were cause by ejection from the vehicle 35 percent were in an SUV, compared with 28 percent for pickup trucks, and 17 percent for passenger cars

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