Man Awarded for $1.3 million for Injuries sustained on Metro Bus

Date: May 28, 2010

Location: Seattle

Type: Metro Bus Accident

Outcome: Victim Awarded $1.3 million


A Seattle man who slipped while getting off a metro bus and suffered serious injuries in 2006 has been awarded $1.3 million.

Keith Knappett suffered severe leg injuries on that day in October 2006 and has not been the same since. He slipped on the edge of a back stair of a metro bus as he was exiting the coach; doctors said his left leg shattered upon impact. Since the incident Knappett has been forced to walk with a cane and his lifestyle has been greatly altered. Once extremely active hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Knappetts have been forced into being much more reserved.

The Knappett's attorney, contended that King County Metro can be held responsible for the injuries and therefore the medical bills sustained from the injuries were to be paid by King County Metro because when portions of the bus stairs get wet, they become slick as ice. She said the bright yellow material on the stairs are especially susceptible to slickness.

In addition, their attorney stated that Metro has not fixed or altered the design of the stairs, which have proven to be extremely hazardous. "There's an unsafe condition on the buses, and that needs to be changed. And people need to be very, very careful," she said. 

Overall, the Knappetts were awarded $1.3 million which is mainly going towards medical bills, especially with medical costs still increasing as Mr. Knappett may still need to have his foot amputated.

While King County Metro has not made a decision on whether or not to appeal the decision, they continue to contend that the Knappett's injuries are not their fault and they should not be held liable.

At Davis Law Group, we are very happy to hear that the Knappett's medical bills have been covered and we hope that at some point they will be able to regain the lifestyle that they once were able to lead. Having your lifestyle changed because of an injury is something no person can put a price on.

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