Litigation Process: The Importance of an Experience Attorney

After the steps are taken to file the lawsuit, there are an endless amount of things to be done; this is called the litigation process. The following, is a very standardized list of what an attorney does at this point in a case:

• Prepare and draft the summons and complaint to file in court

Perform an investigation to locate the defendant so that personal service of the summons and complaint can be achieved

• Arrange for personal service of the summons and complaint on the defendant as required by law

• Prepare and draft written questions for information for the other side

• Prepare the client for deposition

• Prepare for and conduct the deposition of the defendant and other lay witnesses

• Meet with the client’s physicians to prepare for their own depositions when requested by the defense attorney

• Prepare to take the deposition of the defendant’s experts, including medical experts

• Prepare the client for his or her medical examination by the defendant’s medical experts

• Answer questions and produce information and records requested by the other side

• Hire other necessary experts to support or prove the claim, including other physicians, economists, engineers, vocational, experts, etc

• Review and analyze expert reports about the case, including those addressing liability, injuries, and damages.

• File the necessary documents in court as required by the judge, including witness lists, trial readiness, settlement conferences, etc
• Prepare the client and other witnesses for trial

• Create and prepare exhibits for trial

• Organize records and other documentary evidence intended to be introduced at trial

• Prepare for mediation and/or arbitration by organizing records and other documents for submission to the mediator and arbitrator

• Research and write beliefs and file motions to keep out or let in certain evidence in trial

• Try the case over the course of several days before a judge or jury

Especially in this stage, the advantages of hiring a lawyer are massive. It is important to hire an attorney that has a lot of experience and achieved great reviews by previous clients.

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