Limb Loss Awareness Month Lends Support to Victims


Hundreds of people lose a loss limb every single day in the United States. In order to honor these victims, April has been designated as Limb Loss Awareness Month.

The Amputee Coalition is sponsoring the campaign nationwide to gain support for those who have lost a limb.

Every April, support groups, prosthetics, veterans, rehabilitation centers and those who have experienced limb loss will be a part of activities in their community.

Limb Loss Awareness Month is designated to:

  • Lend support to individuals within the limb loss community



  • Raise public awareness about limb loss education; provide education and prevention information to both the limb loss community and the rest of the population
  • Recognize the contributions of military veteran amputees.
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss quality of life and other issues they face with the public, legislators and the media
  • As part of Limb Loss Awareness Month, the Amputee Coalition urges people to go to the Limb Loss
  • Awareness Month Web site to take the Limb Loss Risk Test.

Click the link to read "Month of April Represents Victims of Limb Loss"






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