It's the Law: Bring Boater Education Card With You

In Washington State, the law requires boat operators to take an approved boater education course in the classroom, online or at home.
After the course is completed, you must complete and submit the Boater Education Card application and $10 with a legal copy of your proof of course completion.

After these steps are completed, you must obtain your Washington State Boater Education card before you can operate a boat. This car must be with you when you are operating a boat, this includes motorboats with 15 horsepower of greater.

Boats are no different than vehicles. We strongly agree with this law because a 16-year-old must have a driver’s license, so why should someone be able to drive a boat without a license and education on boat safety? You need this card to prove that you are registered and have completed the course.

During these summer months, remember to bring your Boater Education card with you on the boat to prevent getting a ticket.

During the 4th of July weekend, be very careful on the water. Safety comes first.

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