Inmate Sexually Assaulted at Echo Glen Children's Center

Sexual Harassment Case at Echo Glen Children's Center

Echo Glen Children's Center

Davis Law Group attorney Greg Colburn was interviewed by KOMO4 Problem Solvers regarding a case of sexual assault against an juvenile inmate at Echo Glen Children's Center, a detention facility for minors. The KOMO4 Problem Solvers have uncovered a pattern of rape and sexual harassment by staff members at the facility which is the state's facility for kids who've broken the law.

"One gal complained that he made inappropriate advances toward her," said attorney Greg Colburn, adding that several female workers at Echo Glen also complained to administrators about the misconduct. "Another employee complained that he told her that he liked them young."

KOMO4 reporters spoke to several current and former workers who say managers at Echo Glen routinely ignore problems.

A Pattern of Misconduct

According to court documents Echo Glen (which is operated by the Department of Social and Health Services) had other complaints against the worker and his supervisor had previously advised him that his behavior was inappropriate. Despite this history of misconduct the offender was left in sole charge overnight of the victim's dorm at Echo Glen.

Echo Glen has been sued in the past. Two female workers sued the state in 2008 due to alleged on-going sexual harassment, including male staff asking women show their breasts, touching female workers inappropriately and even licking one woman's shoulder. For those two cases, the state paid $185,000 in damages.

The state issued a brief statement saying that Echo Glen is a national leader in juvenile rehabilitation and officials take the allegations very seriously. 

Note: Greg Colburn does not currently represent the victim in this matter.

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