Injury Accident Claims Against The City of Seattle

Should you sue the City of Seattle?

lawsuit against the city of seattleThere are number of situations that might result in a personal injury that has been caused by city or municipality. Poorly maintained buildings, sidewalks, roads, parks, and other public areas might create dangerous situations that lead to an injury accident. Or the negligence of a city worker, police officer, or other official may lead to an injury.

No matter what type of accident, if a city or municipality is responsible for your injuries then you, in most cases, should be able to receive compensation from that city for losses and expenses that result from a the accident. Even if it looks like there was no fault, there may have been hidden reasons for the accident.

You may be able, as the accident victim, to receive compensation for losses and expenses that result from the accident. This can include income, medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

If you think you may have cause to sue the City of Seattle or seek a personal injury claim against the city contact Seattle personal injury attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group to immediately begin working on your behalf to make sure that you receive the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve.
Mischelle Davis
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