How to Maintain Your RV Safely and Responsibly

In order to keep your motor home in good working condition, there are some recommendations to follow. This information is from other motor home owners based on their own experiences.

  • "Use the motor home. Learn all you can about the motor, transmission, rear end, brakes, exhaust system, air intake, carburetor and intake manifold — the things that make it work.”
  • "Check the fluids in your motor home and check the tire pressure on a regular basis. We are always amazed that many people wait until they have a problem to perform what should be a routine check.
  • "Join an RV club and take advantage of members' knowledge and experience. Larger clubs have classes in almost everything and so does FMCA. Don’t be afraid of asking questions."
  • "Read your owner’s manual, research the things you don’t understand, and remember just because your neighbor says you should do something 'this way,' doesn’t mean it will be appropriate for you and your coach.
  • "Do the little maintenance things on your motor home, like changing radiator hoses, fan belt and the like BEFORE you have a breakdown. It sure is silly to be sitting by the roadside for something that is not that expensive to replace.”
  • "'Things' seem to accumulate and keep adding weight, thereby lowering fuel mileage. Like your house — clean out the basement at least once a year."
  • “Do not think that just because your motor home is large, you can load it with everything you can find room for, and do not drive it too hard (fast), lugging the engine. Also, learn to glance at the gauges often. If a warning light or buzzer comes on, pull to the side of the road as soon as possible. When you get a new motor home, study the operating manual thoroughly; if you do not understand any part of it, call the manufacturer or a friend who is an experienced RV’er for help.”
  • "Always check tires and the hitch every time you stop."
  • "Never leave your awning out when you leave your motor home. Never park in a sunny space when the Asian beetles are present. If rain is forecasted make sure your spot is high and dry. Don’t park under old trees when it is windy."
  • "Join an FMCA chapter so you can meet other motor homers and learn how to fully enjoy your coach. And use your coach as much as possible. Motor homes don't like to sit in the barn!”

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