How to Buy a Safe and Affordable Motor Home

If you are interested in buying your very own RV for travels this summer, read some advice from other motor home owners.
It may answer questions or reservations that you may have regarding a coach.

  • "Your first coach probably will not be your dream coach, nor will it be your only coach."
  • "Try every feature and function on the coach prior to leaving the dealer lot. Document every problem in detail. Question the dealer on how easy the manufacturer is to deal with on warranty issues."
  • "If you have any doubts that motorhoming is for you, rent first. While our coach was being created, we were itchy for a trip. We rented a 22-foot Class C for two weeks and visited Arizona and New Mexico. It was cramped with the three pets, and the layout didn’t suit us at all, but we had so much fun that we knew we were doing the right thing."
  • "Don’t buy a smaller motorhome than you can be comfortable in, or you may give up the RVing lifestyle without giving it a real chance."
  • "Take your time in selecting the right coach for your lifestyle. Make a list of things you would like to have in a motorhome. Get a buyer’s guide or visit manufacturer’s Web sites that offer features and floor plans. Be patient in your purchase. Get the one you want."
  • "Don’t impulse buy. Make a list of your priorities in a motorhome and search for the right one in your price range."
  • “Try before you buy. Rent a motorhome to check the preferred layout.”
  • "Do a lot of research before buying a motorhome or you will buy the wrong one. Surf the Internet, attend rallies, take seminars and talk to motorhome owners before making a decision on which motorhome to buy."
  • “Do not sell your home until you’ve traveled for a couple of years. Buy a used motorhome and use it for a season or two. You then will have a better idea of what to look for in your ‘dream’ motorhome.”
  • “Buy a coach like you buy clothes for your growing children: a little larger than is needed today, but not too large.”
  • “Buy a quality high-line unit to start with rather than trading up several times.”
  • "Be sure to rent or borrow a motorhome before buying one. Most important is to buy a motorhome that is within your realm of expertise. Motorhomes run from basic to premium with features that require study and knowledge to understand and care for the coach."
  • “If you are buying a used motorhome, get a seasoned RVer to look it over for you. We could have avoided some early problems if we had done that. The dealer was reputable but we did have to fight to get warranty items understood and looked after.”
  • "Buy the coach to meet your lifestyle, not others’. Purchase the best floor plan for your needs. Choose the chassis and horsepower first, then the bells and whistles."

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