How Can I File an Auto Safety Complaint?

The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), is an office within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). ODI conducts defect investigations and administers safety recalls to support the NHTSA's mission to improve the safety of U.S. roadways.

If you go to you have many resources that can help answer your questions. In fact, if you have a complaint you can submit it right there on the website.

There is also a tab called “Safety Recalls” that has several posts on various recalls and general consumer information. Here, they may have the answers you are looking for regarding safety or auto defect.

If are curious about new recalls, you can request to get new information e-mailed to you, therefore you can stay up-to-date on all vehicle safety information.

If you have a question regarding your vehicle and possible recalls, there is a tab called “Defect Investigations.” Here, you can search for your vehicle’s year and model. It will provide you with any defect information about your car. You can also do a search for other things – equipment, child restraints, or tires.

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