Hit-and-Run Driver Runs From Scene With Friends

hit and run reward program

A car accident in downtown Seattle was caused by a group of friends driving the wrong way on Seventh Avenue, a one-way street.

The group of men hit a janitor leaving his job and heading home to Auburn in his pickup truck.

A witness said that the men jumped out of the vehicle and tried to find a cab immediately, and when they couldn’t they ran to the north many people tried to stop the men from running but they violently resisted. One person, who attempted to stop them, went to the hospital with a broken jaw. Another man chased them to Eight Avenue and Pike Street.

The victim declined medical attention but his head and leg were hurting. His pickup truck is totaled.

"That's my only way to get to work and now it's totaled, and I just have basic liability, so that won't fix my vehicle,” he said.

Feel good about doing the right thing. Anonymously report a hit-and-run accident driver and get a reward. The Davis Law Group Hit-And-Run Reward Program offers up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and felony conviction of hit-and-run drivers through anonymous tips provided to the WeTip Crime Hotline, 1-800-6-Hit-N-Run (1-800-644-8678).


Washington State Hit-And-Run Law - RCW 46.52.020


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