Grandmas are Safer Drivers than Moms?

Who is a safer driver: grandma or mom? A database study shows that grandma is.

When it comes to injuries from car accidents involving children, an insurance database shows that grandma is safer behind the wheel.

Risk of child injury in car accidents with a grandparent driving, was half that when parents were driving, Dr. Fred M. Henretig, of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and colleagues found.

"Perhaps grandparents are made more nervous about the task of driving with the 'precious cargo' of their grandchildren and establish more cautious driving habits to offset these challenges," the researchers wrote.

This advantage was seen despite grandparents not strapping children in as well as their parents and older drivers being more likely to get into accidents on the roadway.

If this information is accurate, figuring out what grandparents are going right can help others protect children.

The study did not indicate, however, who were safe drivers overall since it only included crashes without any drive-time denominator.

There were 11,859 motor vehicle crashes studied, involving children under age 16 from 2003 to 2007.

There were also follow-up telephone surveys conducted with drivers, who explained the accidents and the characteristics involved, ranging from minor vehicle damage to severe injury associated with damage.

In 9.5 percent of child-involved accidents, the grandparents were driving. Only 6.6 percent of those showed significant injury to the child in the vehicle.

These injuries were categorized as concussion or more serious brain injury, any internal organ injury, spinal cord injury, face and extremity fracture.

The rate of injury to passengers that were children was 0.70 percent in car accidents with grandparent drivers, and 1.05 percent in those with parent drivers.

Why do you think this is?

As a personal injury law firm, it is probably because older drivers are not distracted by technology, like young drivers are. Moms tend to use time in the car for talking on the phone. Whereas, grandparent-aged drivers are very concerned with JUST driving alone to be safe. Which is how it should be, right? How many times have you looked over and seen an elder texting versus a mom in her 40’s? Grandparents generally do not eat in the car or use GPS, so it actually does make sense a personal injury point of view. Distracted driving is responsible for many accidents and deaths every day.

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