Getting Fair Compensation For Your Pedestrian Accident Claim - Part #2

There are many reasons why your pedestrian accident claim may not succeed, or why the claim may not recover full and fair compensation. These reasons can include:
(1) not performing an adequate investigation soon after the accident,
(2) not documenting your injuries and/or damages,
(3) not locating and/or interviewing important witnesses,
(4) not getting prompt medical attention,
(5) not getting the right medical attention,
(6) communicating too much with the other party's insurance company,
(7) giving a recorded statement to the other insurance company, and
(8) not hiring a lawyer soon enough following the accident to help prepare your case and greatly increase the chances of securing a higher settlement recovery.

Insurance companies often intentionally deny, delay, and defend against LEGITIMATE CLAIMS to increase profits. They know how to use the complexity of the legal process in their favor. After you've been in an accident, you should be concentrating on getting the treatment you need and not having to deal with uncooperative insurance companies through confusing unfamiliar rules and procedures. This is why you shouldn't go it alone. You should engage the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to sort things out and protect your interests-especially when the damages are high and/or the injuries severe. In fact, most insurance companies will give your claim more serious consideration if you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. They often believe that a claim is not serious, or at least not one deserving high compensation, unless the victim has hired an attorney. Your lawyer will determine whether or not you have a case, perform a competent investigation, help you gather and organize the records and materials needed to pursue thee claim, and carry out negotiations with the insurance company and other parties to get the best result possible.
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