Getting Fair Compensation For Your Pedestrian Accident Claim - Part #1

If you were a pedestrian injured by a motor vehicle, the injuries are usually much more severe than the typical personal injury case. You will likely experience the trauma of an emergency room visit. You may experience a prolonged stay in the hospital or face months of reconstructive surgery or physical therapy. Perhaps you're struggling to pay off medical bills that just keep coming and piling up as time goes on. There's also a very good chance that the accident has caused you to miss significant time from work so that you're now having trouble making ends meet. You might have suffered a significant loss of mobility and be unable to physically perform normal activities of daily living. Emotionally, you may be struggling as well since depression is a common symptom following a traumatic physical injury. Then you may discover that your insurance company or health insurance plan isn't as helpful as it should be. You may suspect that they aren't telling you everything, or perhaps even misleading you about the benefits you are entitled to recover. The amount they're willing to pay you may not be anywhere near what you need to keep your head above water. How can this be? You might feel that there can't be anything more straightforward than getting run over while legally crossing the street in a marked crosswalk. Yet you wonder why the claim is becoming so complicated, emotionally draining, and taking more and more of your time to resolve. You think, "Why can't I get the compensation I need and deserve?"

Sadly, the reason for all of this confusion is that the legal and insurance claims process following an accident isn't as simple as many people think. Far from being cut and dried, the justice system has many gray areas and procedural traps. The laws regarding pedestrian accidents can be very complicated and difficult to understand. What may seem obvious to you at the scene of the accident may not be so easy to prove years later in a courtroom.

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