Funeral Expenses After A Fatal Car Accident in Washington State - PIP Insurance May Be Able To Help

After a tragic automobile accident grieving family members are often left wondering how to pay for funeral expenses. These expenses can be considerable. Most families do not know that they may be able to utilize the personal injury protection or PIP coverag,e which they may already have as part of their automobile insurance coverage, to funeral expenses.

PIP insurance is part of most automobile insurance policies in Washington State. PIP is designed to pay expenses following a car accident, including funeral expenses. No matter who was at fault for the accident the PIP coverage may be applied to expenses. In Washington State up to $2,000 in funeral expenses can be covered by Personal Injury Protection insurance.

In Washington State there is a law (RCW 48.22.100) that dictates that insurance companies must offer PIP coverage to their car insurance customers. Customers are not required to accept this coverage. But they must reject the coverage in writing if they do not want it.
Many people have PIP coverage and don't even know it. Most families don't think to use car insurance to cover funeral expenses after a tragedy. And, unfortunately, most funeral home directors don't know about it either. Many times it is the wrongful death attorney that informs family members of the PIP insurance option for funeral expenses.

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