Four injured in Interstate 5 collision

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Four people injured in Bow car accident
Motor vehicle collision cause unknown

Date: January 9, 2011, 01/09/2011
Location: Bow, Whatcom County, Washington
Type: Car accident, Motor Vehicle Accident
Outcome: Four injured

On Sunday afternoon around 1 pm four people were injured in a collision on Interstate 5 near Bow that involved three vehicles, one of them being an ambulance.

The collision was caused by a 2003 Toyota sliding into an ambulance that was stopped in the strip of land between the freeway and the exit. The Toyota continued to slide and hit a 2001 Ford that was pulled over on the right shoulder of the freeway.

A passenger in the Toyota was not wearing their seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle, the driver and another 11-year-old passenger were taken to Skagit Valley Hospital for minor injuries.

The ambulance that was struck had responded to a rollover collision and was carrying three patients and two medics at the time of impact. Both medics suffered minor injuries and only one of the patients was injured.

Washington State Patrol is still investigating the cause of the crash, but slush on the road may be a factor.

National Car Accident Statistics
There were an estimated 6,420,000 car accidents in the US in 2005. There were about 2.9 million car accident injury cases and 42,636 car accident deaths. An average of 115 persons die each day in car accidents in the United States -- one every 13 minutes. According to the World Health Organization about 3000 people die in car accidents each day worldwide.

Approaching Emergency Vehicles Law

The driver of any motor vehicle, upon approaching an emergency zone, which is defined as the adjacent lanes of the roadway two hundred feet before and after a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that is making use of audible and/or visual signals meeting the requirements. See RCW 26.61.212 for more information.

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