Foot is on the Pedal, Eyes are on the Road

Many distractions taking place around you on the roadway can cause you to watch and be distracted while you drive. Looking out your window at what you are passing while you are drive can be a distraction if you are concentrating on getting a good look. Examples include:

• a vehicle pulled over by law enforcement

• an accident

• construction work

• a scenic view

• a billboard advertisement

• street names and addresses

When you are driving, ONLY drive. That is your main focus. Simple as that. Be a responsible driver on the road. If something is distracting you, pull over and take a second to collect your thoughts. That is much better than causing a car accident that can lead to severe injuries or even death.

Seattle distracted driving accident attorney Chris Davis
sees many car accidents caused by the distraction of another driver. Many of these injuries, are life-changing. Don't be the reason someone's life is changed for the worse.

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