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BEWARE: Advertising Campaigns Can Make Far Away Attorneys Seem Local

Many people are surprised to learn that the attorney advertisements that they see on television are often not for local lawyers. Many of these ads want to make you to believe that they are for local attorneys but often times the attorney or law firm mentioned in the ad is located in some far away state.

When an injured person responds to the ad and picks up the phone to schedule an appointment with a local lawyer their call is actually taken by a call center in another state and then the information is passed on to an in-state law firm that is paying to get the referral. Or perhaps a younger, less experienced attorney is paying a fee to act, more or less, as a local franchise for the national firm-getting leads for the national firm's advertising.

When looking for a local attorney visit their website, check the office location, but also look at the attorney profiles in the ‘about us' or ‘firm overview' section. It would be easy to figure out if the lawyer really based locally. 

Local Seattle Attorney

Seattle attorney Chris Davis is a local lawyer practicing law in King County.  Chris was born and raised in the Kirkland / Bellevue area, attended the University of Washington, and now lives and works in Seattle helping injured people across Washington State get the compensation they deserve.

Search the net for a lawyer and make sure you check on his/her background. When you have good help, you can feel more secure about your future.
by Coeur d'Alene Trial Attorney November 20, 2011 at 02:50 AM
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