FedEx Delivery Truck Swerves and Causes Accident on Freeway

Four people were injured in a delivery truck accident on the freeway. A delivery truck crashed into a dump truck and a backhoe.

Brett Gattuso, driving a FedEx delivery truck, drifted into the right shoulder of the highway causing him to hit the back of a dump truck. The backhoe was in front of the dump truck and was hit by the impact.

Gattuso suffered from a leg fracture. He was treated and released from the hospital promptly. The two men in the dump truck and the other person in the backhoe received injuries and were also taken to the nearby hospital. None of their injuries were life threatening.

The delivery truck accident closed the freeway for four hours as the crew cleaned up the roadway debris from the crash. The impact from the crash ripped a hole into the side of the delivery truck and caused packages to scatter on the roadway.

Gattuso was ticketed for swerving on the roadway.

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