Fatal Motorcycle Accident on I-90 Kills 26-Year-Old Woman

motorcycle accident fatality


A 26-year-old woman was killed and a man was critically injured after a motorcycle accident last night on I-90.

The pair were tossed from the motorcycle after the crash in Bellevue. The 20-year-old driver was heading to I-405 westbound off a ramp when he hit a concrete barrier. The driver and passenger were thrown over the guardrail and fell 30 feet to the Bellevue Way onramp onto the Express Lanes.

The woman later died at Harborview and the man remains in critical condition.

The two were traveling with three other motorcycles and they are now being questioned by investigators. Troops are unsure as to what caused the crash.

This is the second major motorcycle accident this week. Click here to read about the other nearly-fatal accident.

Davis Law Group sends sincere condolences to the friends and family of the victim.





Motorcycle Accident Statistics


• Fifty-five percent of all reported fatal motorcycle crashes occurring nationally in 1998 involved multiple vehicle crashes and 45% occurred in single-vehicle crashes.

• Five crash types account for 86% of fatal motorcycle crashes: motorcycle runs-off-road 41%, motorcycle or other vehicle runs traffic control 18%, head-on collision 11%, car turns in front of cycle 8% and motorcycle goes down in roadway 7%.

• Forty-five percent of deaths in single-vehicle motorcycle crashes in 1998 included drivers with blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.10%.

• Nine out of 10 motorcycle deaths in 1998 were males. Seventy-seven percent of the females who died in a motorcycle crash were passengers and 98% of males who died were drivers.







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