Family of a Man Killed by A Drunk Driver Receives $1 Million

fatal drunk driving accident attorney
The family of a man that was killed by a drunk driver was awarded $1 million by jury. The lawsuit, against a country club, accused employees of selling too much alcohol to a man who is now in jail serving time in jail for the fatal DUI accident.

The drunk driver hit the victim in a head on collision in 2008. The state district judge signed a final judgment against the private country club. The family alleged that the club continued to serve the man despite witness accounts that he was intoxicated when he arrived at the club. A blood test showed that his blood alcohol content was 0.14 percent.

The lawyer who represented the family shared a statement regarding the fatal accident:

“I hope this is a lesson to the community that serves alcohol to pay attention to proper policies and procedures, to not over serve alcohol and to preserve the safety of the general public.”

Washington State Fatal Drunk Driving Death Statistics

In 2008, 255 people in Washington State lost their lives in fatal alcohol related motor vehicle collisions. One hundred eighty-two (182) of those accidents involved a drunk driver whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.08 or higher. In Washington State, 34% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes involve a driver that was under the influence of alcohol.

Washington State Drunk Driving Law

Washington State law provides that the drivers on the road have the duty to not operate a motor vehicle when under the influence of alcohol. See RCW 46.61.502.

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