Face Disfigurements Alter More Than Your Face, They Alter Your Life

With the image conscious world we live in, facial disfigurements can be a very painful psychological problem for those affected.

Everyone deals with the pressures to look glamorous and nothing short of perfect.

Yes, I know, looks are superficial. However, most people's first impression of someone is based on looks. A first date for example.

Those who have facial disfigurements experience much different treatment and facial expressions from strangers when they go to the grocery store or run to the bank. Such simple tasks turn into a much bigger ordeal.

Not to mention children that have to deal with bullies at school who constantly ridicule and make fun of them.

Living with a face that looks “different” can be a challenge in the lives of both children and adults.

For those with a facial disfigurement, feelings of anxiety, anger, fear and embarrassment are quite common.

Many people say they are not prejudice against appearances. But let’s take a closer look. A study was done regarding facial appearance and how people react to this kind of thing. An attractive older woman was made up with tattoo ink by a makeup artist on the entire left side of her face.

To conduct the experiment, she rode on a busy bus route with a seat empty next to her. Would anyone sit next to her?

It took 65 minutes for someone to sit next to her. On the same journey with the makeup off, the seat was occupied in about 30 seconds.

Professor Nichola Rumsey from the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of West England said that they did a similar study with a volunteer who had a disfigurement on her face. The results were extremely similar.

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