Early Estimates for 2009 show a decrease in Traffic Fatalities

An early statistical projection published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that there has been a nearly nine percent decrease in car accident fatalities from the previous year (2008). These numbers are extremely exciting for the simple fact that in 2009 there were 3298 fewer car accident deaths.

As one of the top Car Accident Lawyers in Seattle, Attorney Chris Davis is excited about the recent reports. "I am extremely encouraged by the decrease in traffic fatalities. It shows that all of the hard work by many people is truly having an effect."

In 2008, there were a total of 37,261 people killed, however in 2009 that number decreased by 8.9% with 33,963 deaths. A further breakdown of the numbers shows a decrease of that while summer is deadliest quarter, there have fewer deaths each year over the past five years. In 2005, there were 11,395 deaths during the summer quarter; number has decreased to 9155 in 2009.

The most important thing to Davis Law Group is continuing to decrease the number of traffic fatalities and in Washington State and the United States as a whole. Far too many people lose their lives each year because of the negligence of others. These numbers are exciting but we realize that there is still a large amount of progress that still needs to be made.

33,963 still died last year which we all still have work to do.

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