Drunk Driving Fatalities Down, Still Room for Improvement

The Century Council recently released a study that found that drunk driving fatalities have decreased 38% nationally, and 55% among those under 21.This fantastic news is not as big of a surprise as some may think because of the high amount of advertising and awareness raising against drunk driving that has taken place in the United within the last two decades.

Although it may not be a big surprise to some, the fact remains that progress is being made and as Renton Attorney Chris Davis said, "This is not an accident. There has been a lot of hard work by many individuals and organizations to make this kind of a decrease possible."

While these numbers are extremely encouraging, it also important to keep in mind that the work that has been done is not complete. Every day it seems there is a new story on the news about someone who was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver or that there was an accident and somehow alcohol was involved. A 38% national decrease in fatalities is great, but it still means that we have another 62% to go before the efforts of everyone trying to decrease drunk driving have truly paid off.   

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