Dog Bite Victim Seeks $5 Million in Lawsuit for Severe Injuries

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A dog bite lawsuit is seeking $5 million in damages after a man went to a body shop and was attacked by the security dog. The man suffers from life-changing injuries, according to the lawsuit.

"The plaintiffs intend to show that the identified dogs were either improperly trained, improperly secured, negligently leashed and/or had a known propensity to lunge at, attack, run after, maul, bite or otherwise frighten or attack reasonable human beings prior to and/or the time of the events in question," court papers say.

It is reported that the dog allegedly bit and clawed at him, causing injuries to his nervous system and body.

2010 Dog Bite Fatalities

• In 2010, there were 33 fatal dog attacks.
• Pit bulls lead dog attacks and are responsible for 67% of the fatalities.
• In 2010, the combination of pit bulls (22) and rottweilers (4) accounted for 79% of all fatal attacks. In the 6-year period from 2005 to 2010, this same combination accounted for 71% (129) of the total recorded deaths (181).
• From 2005 to 2010, pit bull killed 104 Americans, about one person every 21 days.
• Male represented about 60% of the victims in these attacks.
• The state of California led fatalities in 2010 with 7 deaths; pit bulls contributed to 83% (6). Florida followed with 3 deaths and Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas each had 2 deaths.

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