Allstate Appeal for $390,000 - Last Offer Before Trial $25,000

SEATTLE, WA -- Seattle attorney Christopher Davis of the Davis Law Group announced today that he settled an auto accident case on appeal with Allstate Insurance Company.  The other driver had a $25,000 policy which Davis demanded before trial.  Allstate refused.

Davis' client received a cervical herniated disc injury in the accident.  Her medical expenses totaled $23,000.  But Allstate refused to tender its $25,000 policy forcing Davis to try the case before a jury.  The trial lasted 5 days.  The jury returned a verdict of $379,000.  Allstate immediately appealed, causing a delay of nearly 2 more years.

In the end, Davis' client agreed to accept $390,000 from Allstate to be done with the case and avoid further risk had the appellate court ruled in Allstate's favor. 

This case is one of several that Davis has taken to trial against Allstate for its scorched-earth litigation tactics.  Allstate has a reputation of intentionally denying legitimate claims, and then forcing accident victims to hire attorneys and go through years of litigation just to recover reasonable compensation for injuries that are often serious and undisputed among the doctors involved.

Davis Law Group specializes in personal injury claims and litigation.  DLG founder, Seattle attorney Chris Davis, has successfully resolved more than 2000 accident cases over the last 15 years.  Mr. Davis was named a Super Lawyer by Washington Law & Politics magazine, and also a Rising Star attorney by other attorneys in Washington.  Please call Mr. Davis and/or the staff at Davis Law Group at 206-727-4000 to discuss your accident injury claim.

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