Delivery Truck Kills 8-Year-Old Boy on Bicycle

An 8-year-old boy riding his bicycle was hit and killed by a delivery truck on his way home from school.
He was riding by his father’s side at the time of the crash.

The delivery truck was turning onto a ride when it hit the third-grade student.

Police said the boy and his father were riding separate bicycles.

The incident happened right after school when a lot of children from two nearby elementary schools were heading home for the day.

The news spread and several parents rushed to the scene to see if it were their child.

The van was owned by Recover Care of Orlando. Police said charges against the driver are pending.

Staff from Pine Jog Elementary School called parents Wednesday afternoon to let them know that a classmate had been killed. There was no school the following day at the elementary school.

Driving near school districts, around the time of school dismissal is a very dangerous place and time to be driving. Children get very excited and often make poor decisions based off emotions. In this case, it was the negligence of the delivery truck driver who should have been more cautious of children around him.

It can be very difficult to drive a large delivery truck. While it is the driver’s responsibility to be a safe motorist, you should also be very cautious of them, just in case they do not see you.
The most dangerous act for a delivery truck driver is when it is backing up. Be very careful and aware of your surroundings at all times when you are near a delivery truck.

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