Children Not Wearing Seat Belts Were Injured in Car Accident

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Three children were hurt in a car accident after they were not wearing seat belts in Pierce County. The woman they were driving with ran a stop sign, which led to the collision.

The woman’s SUV was struck by a white sedan as she passed through an intersection, failing to stop or yield to traffic.

There were a total of five children in the car, but only three were hurt.

“The smallest child was ejected out the window and into a ditch. Had they had seat belts on, there would have been absolutely no injuries,” said Sgt. Nick Hausner.

The ejected girl was transported to a nearby hospital in Tacoma. A 7-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl were also hurt in the negligent car accident.

The driver of the sedan was not hurt.

The woman driving the SUV is under investigation according to the police.

Davis Law Group reminds all parents and drivers of young children, to always make sure the passengers in your car are buckled up at all times. Seat belts save lives and prevent injury. If the children had been properly restrained in this collision, their injuries may have been prevented.

Seat Belt Statistics

In 2010, seat belt use in Washington State reached 85 percent – an 84 percent gain compared to 2009. Over 60% of all people killed in accidents were not wearing their seat belt. Around 7% of individuals not wearing their seat belts that are involved in a car accident will suffer severe spine injuries. Individuals ejected from their vehicle in a collision are 25 times more likely to die from the crash than those who remained in the car.

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