Charter Bus Accident | Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

A car was was driving north on a highway at night when it hydroplaned and slid into the center median wall. As the driver was sitting in the car waiting in the median waiting for help to arrive, a chartered bus driven car crashed into the vehicle.

The driver of the disabled automobile suffered a brain injury that affected his executive functioning, causing problems with decision-making and concentration. His medical expenses related to the accident totaled about $203,000, and his future life-care costs related to accident injuries are estimated at $1.3 million. At the time of the accident he was earning about $29,000 annually as a police officer. Due to his permanent injuries he has been unable to return to the force.

The driver of the car sued the bus driver for causing the accident by speeding, failing to keep a proper lookout, etc. He also filed suit against the charter bus company that employed the bus driver alleging respondeat superior liability for his negligence.

The parties settled for $5 million, paid by the bus company’s insurance company.
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