Cell Phone Law May Pose New Hazard Says WSP

About three weeks from now, driving while using your phone will be a primary offense in Washington. But there are new concerns being voiced about a new accident hazard: Drivers who pull off to the side of the road to use their cell phones.

Trooper Keith Leary of the Washington State Patrol says that credit should be given for the new law for thinking about safety but could also pose as a hazard and could increase chances of getting in an accident.

In 2009, there were 110,000 drivers that pulled over to the side of the road. These drivers were usually out of gas, broken down or having an emergency. Troopers are now beginning to see a rise in drivers pulled over that are using cell phones.

Existing laws in Washington prohibit drivers from stopping alongside freeways except in an emergency situation.

Leary says that drivers should find an alternative to stopping along the shoulder to use their phones like taking the next exit or pulling into a parking lot because it's a hazard to merge back into traffic.

June 10 is day one of the new law and will be a $124 fine.  Drivers under 18 are not allowed to use a phone even with a hands free device. 

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