Bicycle Accidents In Seattle, WA Area

As people become more environmentally conscious and health conscious, we see more and more bicycles on the road every day.  Which means more and more bicycle accidents. Bicycles are not only being used for exercise or recreation, but also to carry people from home to work. In Washington State, our government and many local communities are encouraging people to switch from motor vehicles to bicycles. As more bicycle lanes and paths are built, especially in cities like Seattle, more accidents are likely to happen. It's therefore very important for both drivers and cyclists to understand the law as it applies to bicycles.

What Is a Bicycle...Legally?

Bicycles are familiar objects and we all know one when we see it, but to prevent confusion, Washington State law defines a bicycle as a device propelled only by human power with two wheels in tandem, one of which is at least sixteen inches in diameter. "Bicycle" can also apply to unicycles and pedal-powered tricycles with wheels that are at least twenty inches in diameter.
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