Backing Up Accident Causes Death of Child l Seattle Injury Attorney

KOMO 4 News reports that a 5-year-old child was killed when the child’s father was backing his vehicle out of the driveway in Newcastle. The child apparently ran to the rear of the vehicle without the father’s knowledge.

Unfortunately, “backing up” accidents become more common as the weather gets nicer and more children start to play outside. Every parent should double-check the rear of his/her vehicle before exiting the driveway. Every child should be accounted for before someone starts the car in reverse.

"When there are lots of children in the area playing, spring break, summer's coming up, check around vehicle," said Chief Melinda Irvine with the Newcastle Police Department. "Make sure it's safe around the area."

This is the second time this week where a child has been fatally hit by a vehicle backing out of the driveway. Earlier this week a 3 year old girl on a tricycle was killed when a vehicle backing out struck her without warning.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family. This is tragic, and we feel very sad for the father and the child’s mother.
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