Avoid Firework-Related Injury and Citation on 4th of July

It is getting closer to the Fourth of July, which means more risk for injury from fireworks. In Washington State alone, there were 576 fireworks-related incidents in 2010.

This resulted in more than $2.1 million in property loss. Fire service officials want to remind communities to work together to reduce this loss and decrease the amount of injuries.

If you buy fireworks on tribal lands, some of them are not allowed due to local and state laws and may be illegal in your community specifically. The workers on the reservations are not responsible for informing you on the laws, it is your responsibility.

What are the consequences for using illegal fireworks?

  • If you choose to use fireworks irresponsibly, the consequences include malicious mischief, gross misdemeanor or assault. This also includes the possession of illegal explosive devices, such as M80’s or M100’s.
  • Fines can exceed $5,000 and/or a year in prison
  • If you damage property; it will be considered malicious mischief
  • If you hurt another person through a firework device, you may be charged with bodily harm and assault
  • If something is used to be blown up, it could be considered a destructive device, known as a felony.

Personal fireworks require personal responsibility

Make sure you know the firework laws in your community before purchasing fireworks for the Fourth of July. There may also be dates and times associated with these laws, pay attention to these restrictions.

Click here to read the laws restricting the use of fireworks in various cities and counties.

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