At what point should senior citizens stop driving in Washington State?

senior citizen car accidentsThe elderly generally have slower reflexes, decreasing awareness of surroundings and poor vision. So, are they a danger to themselves and other drivers on Washington state roads and interstates?  Or are they actually more safe than their younger counterparts?  What do you think?  

Read the statistics, get the facts, and let us know what you think.  We have just posted a new article in our firm's auto accident law library entitled Points To Ponder: Elderly Drivers & Auto Accidents in Washington StateClick here to read the entire article.

According to the NTSB, age is not always the best measure of skills on the road.  It is very important that all drivers are skilled and show appropriate reflexes, which may not always correlate with age.

At Davis Law Group Seattle car accident attorney Chris Davis and his team frequently represent accident victims that have been injured by an irresponsible teen driver that is distracted by texting.  And we also frequently represent those that have been injured in an accident caused by a visually impared senior citizen driver.  We understand how to help accident victims get the fair compensation that they deserve. 

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