Approaching the Deadliest Months for Teenage Drivers

Teen car accidents in summer monthsSummer is a carefree, fun, social time of year for teens. Unfortunately, this reflects in the fatal car crashes involving teenage drivers during these months. According to a study of crash data done by AAA, summer is the deadliest time of the year for teenage drivers. Seven of the top ten deadliest days of the year are between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.

In the recent study, it was reported that more than 7,300 teen drivers and passengers between the ages of 13-19 died in car accidents between the two long weekends during 2005-2009. During each of the summer months, an average of 422 teenagers dies in traffic-related accidents.

During these months, parents need to be more cautious than ever of the decisions their children are making. AAA Michigan Traffic Safety Manager makes a great point by adding that although the stress and care from school is gone during the summer, there is no summer break from safety.

AAA suggests tips for parents to avoid fatalities and crashes:

1. Restrict driving and eliminate trips without purpose – Saving their life is worth the fight!

2. Become an effective driving coach – Teach by example, always.

3. Limit the number of teen passengers and time as a passenger – Teen crash rates increase with the amount of peers in the vehicle.

4. Restrict night driving – The car accident rates associated with teens double at night.

5. Establish a parent-teen driving agreement – Set a written agreement. Again, it’s worth the fight!

Follow the steps accordingly so that your teen is not part of the statistic.

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