Approaching Dogs: Follow These Tips to Prevent Attack

All dogs are different and find comfort in various greetings and interactions with people.
Understanding dog’s body and stress signals can prevent dog bites and attacks. I know, I know – everyone thinks their dog is perfect and would never bite anyone, but if you catch them in a tense state, you never know what could happen.

Follow these easy steps to approaching a dog:

1. Do not get too close right away – stop about 5 feet in front of the dog. The distance makes them feel comfortable and will help prevent a dog bite.

2. Before reaching to pet the dog, always ask the owner first. The dog might not be friendly (never assume that all dogs are friendly) and you do not want to put yourself in a situation that may be dangerous.

3. Dogs feel at ease when your turn your side to them, instead of coming at them front on.

4. Rather you approaching the dog, let the dog approach you. If the dog does not approach you, take it as a stress signal.

5. When petting a dog, pet the side of the body or neck, not the top of the head. Dogs that are cautious of people do not like people hovering over them and petting them in blind spots.


If you follow these steps accordingly, you may prevent any dog bites or attacks. If you do find yourself or your child, as the victim in a dog bite case, Seattle dog bite attorney Chris Davis, is here to help you. Call Chris Davis at Davis Law Group for a free consultation, (206) 727-4000.
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