seattle attorney sues children's hospital

An infant died at Seattle Children's Hospital after a medication error---massive overdose of calcium chloride.  A treating nurse gave the infant 10 times the intended dose.

In a recent email to hospital employees regarding the incident the CEO stated, "The infant was profoundly fragile and succumbed to complications from the overdose several days later. This was a catastrophic outcome for the patient and family, and caused serious distress for staff members as well. We have offered our heartfelt apologies to the family of the patient and will do all that we can to help them in this time of grief. Of course, we will also support our staff members during this difficult time."

According to a media interview with the hospital there have been a number of changes in the hospital's policies since the incident.  However Seattle attorney Chris Davis, who has handled other medication error lawsuits against Children's, believes this recent error might have been avoided if the hospital had more well thought out medication perscription safety policies in place.  Reporters for Q13 Fox News in Seattle asked Davis to comment on this most recent case.

The hospital has not released the name of the baby who died or his/her family's name to protect their privacy.

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