Accident Report: Tacoma Failure To Stop Car Accident

Davis Law Group Client Accident Report

In March 2005, S.B. was driving north on 27th Street SW in Tacoma, Washington. As she was traveling, she was hit from the front by L.R. The force of the collision propelled S.B.’s vehicle to the left, across two lanes of oncoming traffic and up onto a curb where her vehicle finally came to a stop. Both airbags in S.B.’s vehicle deployed during the collision. L.R. failed to stop at a stop sign, and then rammed her vehicle into S.B. L.R. was cited by the police for causing the collision. L.R.’s insurance company was Progressive Northwestern Insurance Co.

S.B. suffered numerous personal injuries as a result of the collision including the following:
1) Abdomen Contusion;
2) Left Wrist Abrasion;
3) Neck Sprain/Strain;
4) Dorsal Sprain/Strain;
5) Lumbar Sprain/Strain;
6) Disc bulge at C4-5;
7) Disc bulge at C5-6;
8) Bilateral Shoulder Strain;
9) Second-degree burn to the left wrist;
10) Segmental dysfunction;
11) Headaches; and
12) Muscle spasms.

S.B. hired car accident attorney Chris Davis the Davis Law Group to manage the insurance claim, settlement negotiations with Progressive Northwestern Insurance Co. etc.  

*Initials rather than names are used to protect the identity of the parties.

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