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Davis Law Group Client Accident Report
In February 2004, J.B. was riding his bicycle on NW 54th in Ballard, Washington. Without warning, A.M. made a sudden right-hand turn in front of J.B. J.B. struck the front passenger-side of your insured’s vehicle with the front of his bicycle. J.B. then fell to the pavement. This car crash was fairly significant and caused substantial damage to J.B.’s bicycle. A.M. was negligent when he turned in front of J.B. J.B.’s injuries include:

1) Oblique interarticular fracture of the volar radia aspect of the distal radius (wrist);
2) 1.5 mm fracture of right wrist;
3) Swelling and resolving ecchympsis;
4) Lumbar spine pain.

J.B.. hired Seattle bicycle accident attorney Chris Davis the Davis Law Group to manage the insurance claim, settlement negotiations with GEICO Insurance Company, etc.  

*Initials rather than names are used to protect the identity of the parties.
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