A Pit Bull Was Shot and Killed After 2 Attacks in Burien

A pit bull was shot and killed by King County sheriff’s deputies after it attack Burien’s former mayor and another woman in a separate attack.

Around 12:50 p.m. Thursday, a woman called the police saying she was bit by one of the two pit bulls that were in her neighborhood. A witness said that the woman was walking with the street with a stroller when she was attacked by the pit bull.

Police arrived to the scene but were unable to capture the dogs. The woman and her child were not seriously injured.

About 30 minutes after that attack, the former Burien Mayor and City Council member Sally Nelson, was bitten in the leg by a dog. According to the B-Town blog, report says that police pulled the dog off of her and shot it in her yard.

Prior to the dog attack, Nelson was talking with a police and was on her way home.

Officers and King County Animal Control looked for the other pit bull, but they could not locate it. Neither woman was seriously injured in the attack.

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