A Couple Suffers Permanent Damage from Truck Accident

A couple was awarded $11 million for being hit by a truck that caused them permanent damage.
James and Sheila Dye were driving their 2002 Toyota Tundra in a construction zone when they were forced to stop in traffic. The truck was following behind them when he was not paying attention and rear-ended the Dye’s vehicle. The driver, Donald Pedrini, worked at a trucking company called Cooney’s Farm Service.

The Dyes suffered serious injuries from the truck accident and will continue to incur medical and hospital expenses for their injuries from the truck accident. They are also being compensated for loss of time, loss of earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, physical and mental pain and suffering, and temporary and permanent disabilities.

The couple sued Padrini for negligence and the trucking company for vicarious liability and negligent training, hiring and supervision.

Both the truck driver and Cooney’s Farm Service, denied liability for the crash until the morning of trial. Sheila Dye received $4.6 million and James Dye receive $6.4 million in settlement.

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